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Heritage Interpretation

Latin America and the Caribbean

About I-PAL

Heritage Interpretation Latin America and the Caribbean

We are the network-community of Heritage Interpretation professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are working in coordination to strengthen the promotion of standards, foster continuous development, and provide support to this noble discipline in the region.

In I-PAL, we believe that the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage enriches our lives by promoting experiences that help convey knowledge, deepen understanding, and provoke reflections that establish an emotional and intellectual connection between visitors and their surroundings.


As a profession focused on communication processes, interpretation plays a fundamental role in revealing the meaning and value of heritage, especially encouraging action for the benefit of the immense diversity of natural and cultural riches that make up our heritage.


I-PAL aims to promote Heritage Interpretation as a profession firmly grounded in research, supported by practice standards, backed by training programs, and organisationally represented to foster its continuous development.


"To foster collaboration to contribute to the professional development of Heritage Interpretation in Latin America and the Caribbean".


I-PAL sets goals aimed at promoting the development of collaborative strategies and encouraging the creation of organizational structures to coordinate efforts for the advancement of Natural and Cultural Heritage Interpretation in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our focus is on supporting and empowering interpreters by providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen and promote the recognition of their valuable work.


We seek to promote best practices in heritage interpretation and provide a professional community that facilitates the communication of growth and collaboration opportunities. Together, we work to enrich and strengthen heritage interpretation in our region


Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards in providing our services as Interpreters, based on diligence, responsibility, respect, and honesty.


We promote growth and continuous learning for all, respecting the diversity of cultures, traditions, and opinions, while preserving the unity and impartiality that characterizes Heritage Interpreters.


We facilitate collaboration tools that promote interdisciplinarity in the planning and design of heritage interpretation programs, whether personal or non-personal, thus supporting our members in their pursuit of excellence in this profession.


With over 40 years of experience, our team of professionals in the field of heritage interpretation spans a wide range of disciplines, including nature, culture, art, history, science, and technology.


Our work reflects a synergy between tradition and innovation. We use cutting-edge technology while firmly upholding the original pillars and principles of heritage interpretation.


Thanks to our diversity of backgrounds and experiences, we are in constant evolution, shaping the course of I-PAL as we continue to attract more colleagues in the field of Interpretation.



Our community thrives on dependable support, a shared commitment to collaboration, and the collaborative efforts of both the Board of Directors and the entire Professional Network. Together, we work in an interdisciplinary manner, focusing on our key areas of interest, fostering a strong community.

This area focuses on heritage interpretation from a cultural perspective, addressing historical aspects, artistic elements, and traditions. Professionals in this field explore how to communicate and convey the value of cultural heritage.

  • Sub-area: Gastronomy.

  • Sub-area: Fine Arts.

  • Sub-area: Human Connections (JEDAI).



Focus on the efficient management of resources and projects, designed for directors and managers of interpretive sites. This area addresses the administration, evaluation, and design of technical and financial work plans. It encompasses both strategic and operational management in heritage interpretation.



Organisations dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of cultural, historical, scientific, and natural heritage. Museums, botanical gardens, zoos, and other spaces aimed at promoting heritage interpretation, education, and conservation.

Museum Institutions


Focus on natural resources and sciences, emphasizing the relationship between nature and culture. This area promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the interpretation of natural heritage, considering wildlife, landscapes, climate, coasts, and seas in protected natural areas, reserves, national parks, and more.



Creativity and strategy converge in the Planning area, involving the development of master plans, site planning, content creation, image development, design, and implementation.

  • Sub-area: Multimedia.

  • Sub-area: Health & Safety.

  • Sub-area: Technology.



Touristic experiences that integrate heritage interpretation in destinations across Latin America and the Caribbean. Operators, tour guides, experience planners, and managers of cultural and natural destinations are supporting the promotion and appreciation of the region's heritage.



Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Didier Bergame
I-PAL Profile

General Counsel (GC)

Victor Ricalde
I-PAL Profile

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jean-Yves Plumasseau
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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Lucien Vallée
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Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Patrick Pierrot
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Chief Art and Design Officer (CDO)

Brandon Roberto López
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Chief Communications and Outreach Officer (CCO)

Gabriela Plumasseau
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Chief of the Linkage Department and Public Relations (RP)

Orlando Araque
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Membership Coordination

Jouse Xicluna
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Editorial I-PAL

Lyonnel Plumasseau
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Coordination of Areas I-PAL

Patricia López
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+33 6 52 78 22 64

International HQ

I-PAL Office
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ES │ EN │ FR │ PT │ LSF

Immeuble Perspective Défense, 1 Rue du Débarcadère, 92700 Colombes, France

Head Quarters Office - I-PAL International


+33 6 52 78 22 64 


Manuel Gonzalez 42, Tlatelolco, Cuauhtémoc, 06900 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico



+33 6 52 78 22 64 


Immeuble Caducée, Rue Guy Cornely, Jarry, 97122, Baie-Mahault. Guadeloupe



+590 690 34 11 99 


Send a message to the international office of I-PAL in the language of your choice. We would love to hear from you!

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